Don’t be Afraid of The Dark 2011 Movie Ending

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How does the Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark 2011 movie end?

If you haven’t read our full in-depth guide to the movie, please read it here.

Now, let’s talk about the ending of this movie. If you have not watched the movie,

The most important part and event at the end of this movie is that Kim is that Sally are ambushed and attacked by the creatures as they try to escape from the house. The two are knocked out, and Sally finds her feet tied up with rope as she wakes up. The creatures start dragging Sally down to the basement to turn her into one of them. But Kim awakens, confronts the creatures, and cut the rope around Sally’s feet. The problem is that she then gets caught in the ropes and also gets her leg broken as she attempts to struggle herself free. The creatures then successfully drag Kim into the fireplace. Alex, the father of Sally, arrives in the basement just as Kim disappears, and the two mourn their loss.

Some time later after this, Alex and Sally return to the mansion to leave a drawing of Kim there. When they return, “a strong draft pulls the drawing into the creatures’ lair”. They find that the entrance is now bolted with metal. It also turns out that Kim has been transformed into one of the creatures. In the end, Kim is heard convincing the creatures to stay in hiding in the pit instead of getting out because they “have all the time in the world”. The purpose is of course to drag people into the fireplace and turn them into one of them.

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