Don’t be Afraid of The Dark Movie Creatures

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In the Don’t be afraid of the Dark Movie from 2010, the creatures play a central role.

The creatures in the movie are known as Homunculi, but also called “Tooth Fairies”. The name of these small creatures comes from the word “homunculus“. The creatures come from are a mythical race of small nocturnal fairy-like creatures from the netherworld. These are goblin-like creatures.

The creatures live in the basement, more specifically the fireplace. These creatures capture children to take their teeth and make them their own kind. The creatures serve as the main antagonists in the movie. The creatures do not like light and dwell in darkness.

As goblin creatures, they are small and rodent-sized. They scurry like rats, and have bent backs.

In the movie, the creatures are hostile and aggressive. In the beginning, they steal, Alex’s razor, and shred Kim’s clothes.

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